Benefits Of Planning Ahead

Planning the arrangements for yourself or a loved one in advance can be awkward or uncomfortable for anyone. In the past, individuals left their funeral planning to chance and avoided the responsibility altogether. Thankfully, today, many individuals realize that the selfless act of pre-planning your arrangements will serve purposes in the future.

1) Plan On Your Own Schedule

Take the time to create arrangements that best represent you. Without the stress of an immediate deadline, you’re able to plan the details at any stage of your life. Plus, you can amend your funeral arrangements as your desires, needs, and circumstances change.

2) You Determine How You’ll Be Remembered

No matter how quirky, religious, festive, or unique you want your life’s celebration to be, you can rest peacefully knowing that your vision will be carried out by loved ones. Cremation or burial… viewing or abbreviated ceremony – your wishes will be captured and shared with loved ones when you pass.

3) Relieve Your Loved Ones Of Tough Decision Making

Imagine being tasked with planning a wedding in just a few days? That’s essentially what is required when a loved one passes. Add the difficult emotions of grief and it’s no surprise that funeral and burial planning are two of the most stressful times after loss. When you take care of the planning arrangements in advance, you relieve your loved ones of the fear of making wrong decisions and the difficulty of thinking strategically in a time of grief. Flowers, transportation, guest list, song selections, and more can be planned in advance as your final gift to those you love.

4) You Can Ease The Financial Burden

Though you don’t have to pre-pay when pre-planning your arrangements, you have the option. Funerals can quickly become expensive and add just another stressful layer to an already difficult time for your loved ones. You can set up payment arrangements to reduce or eliminate the final expense, protect your family against increases in costs, and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your arrangements have been taken care of.

5) One Final Note

Remember that pre-planning services are not just for you. If you have a family member or loved one for whom you will plan the arrangements, feel free to bring them in for a consultation. We’ll walk you both through a painless process to identify and record their wishes so that your job is easier and their preferred celebration is planned.

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